Kristopher Kerbbs

Cornerstone Home Lending

LineageCRE was excellent in accommodating to our needs, thorough, professional and the delivery was exceptional!

Andrew W Ash

Flagstar Bank

LineageCRE is relationship driven with a high attention to detail.  They work diligently to ensure a positive outcome for their clients with a high level of integrity.  I would recommend them for all your property management needs.

Robert Maynard

More Than Your Score

We enjoy our partnership with LineageCRE.  Everything is in order all the time.  The property is extremely well kept and the people highly professional.  If a light bulb burns out, they are there in an hour to fix it.  I don’t know what more we could ask.

Lyndon Steimel

Law Office of Lyndon B. Steimel

I have been a tenant with LineageCRE since 1998 and find the company and its employees extremely easy to deal with and always accommodating. They are also reliable and dependable.